'Ready, Willing, Differently Abled'
(Jewish Exponent - April 23, 2009)

This article discusses Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for escreplica.com individuals with disabilities and touches on approaches that can help everyone, especially the child, have a rewarding, enjoyable and meaningful ceremony. Portia is interviewed about Dov's upcoming Bar Mitzvah. Jewish Exponent 'Mazel Tov' Magazine link:

Strange Son (Korean edition) book review in the Korean Times
(The Korea Times - November 2008)

Strange Son was published in Korean, (Nov. 2008)! This is a review that appeared in the Korean Times newspaper. Website

Strange Son book review
(Healing Magazine - winter 2007)

A book review of Strange Son. Website

'Does the Window Ever Close?'
(TACA - winter 2007)

This article discusses whether or not it is ever really to late to intervene. Website

Montana Billings Gazette features a story on the first ever "informative Pointing" workshop!
(Billings Gazette)

The first ever 'Informative Pointing Method" workshop took place in Billings and Bozman Montana on April 23-24th. The meeting was organized by our own community members Dianne Booth and Heather Claire. Heather has written a manual on how to introduce and use the IP method in the classroom! Vacheron Constantin Replica Watches

A true rite of passage
(Los Angeles Times)

The bar and bat mitzvah ceremonies mark Jewish children's public passage into a new identity as people responsible for their actions and for living in accordance with their faith. What about autistic children, however, whose identities seem locked away inside them? How can they profess themselves responsible members of a community? Such questions sometimes occupied Elias Lefferman, chief executive of Vista del Mar Child & Family Services, a nonprofit agency with roots in the Westside Jewish community, and he went looking for answers. He found them in Elaine Hall, a tiny woman with an outsize reputation for coaxing autistic children out of their sequestered worlds using methods she developed working with her own autistic son...

The Autism Persepective
(2007, Issue 1)

This article in TAP magazine features Portia and Strange Son.

Our Community website on About.com!

A nice review of our hublot replica watches community website appears on About.com! Thank you, Lisa Jo Rudy!!!omega replica watches

Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) Reads 'Strange Son'
(Malcolm in the Middle Voting Community)

Jane Kaczmarek (Lois) has recently been involved with the launch of the book 'Strange Son' by Portia Iversen.

Read about the Strange Son Community on About.com

It has been 30 hours since Lisa posted about the Strange Son Community on About.com (click the link to read the article) and in that time 30 families have signed up to join! We are a new online social network that connects people who have a family member or works with someone on the more severely effected end of the autism spectrum (nonverbal or low-communicating). As our children grow older and Breguet Replica may not seem to respond to many interventions we may understandably feel increasingly discouraged and isolated. We need and deserve a safe, supportive and most of all a hopeful community forum where we can help each other and learn from one another. The new Strange Son online community is a place to share therapeutic strategies and resources, to ask for help and tell our stories. It is a community where hope remains alive and well for our families.

I believe that many low-communicating and nonverbal people with autism have far greater cognitive ability and potential than is generally recognized. My own son Dov, who is nonverbal, did not communicate until he was nine years old.

Please join the Strange Son Community where you can upload your videos and photos, exchange information on the Community Forum and share your experience on your personal Blog. Become a part of our 'grassroots' movement to help non-verbal and "low-communicating" people and children with autism to communicate better, get a better education and have a higher quality life!

Best wishes from Portia Iversen (Strange Son Community founder and author of the book Strange Son)

Inside Autism: What Two Memoirs Can Tell Us About The Disease Du Jour
(Slate.com, March 28, 2007)

Strange Son and Born on a Blue Day were reviewed on Slate.com this past week! Click on the link to read the article.

Strange Son featured on the news in Cleveland

Strange Son featured on the news in Cleveland

WCPN (NPR) 90.3 radio interview

Eric Wellman interviews Portia and Debra Mandell, the head of the Monarch School which is a progressive school in Cleveland for kids with autism.

Here And Now

Portia and Dov were both interviewed in this NPR radio show. Click to hear what Dov has to say!

Strange Son reviewed in the Toronto Globe & Mail!
(Toronto Globe & Mail)

The Toronto Globe and Mail review appeared on April 8th, covering two new books on autism: my book 'Strange Son' and Roy Richard Grinker's book, 'Unstrange Minds'. The review is thoughtful and in depth. Grinker's book is well worth reading in my opinion; I enjoyed it immensely. Click here to read the review:

Tantalized by the Hint of a Cure for Autism
(The New York Times, Feb 27 2007)

If lightning strikes once, then why not again? This irrational logic will tempt the victims of any senseless tragedy to believe in miracles, or so Portia Iversen assures us by way of explaining her long,cheapmenswatches determined slog toward a miracle of her own. Whether she actually found one or not, readers will have to decide for themselves.

Portia on the News in Philly

Portia on the News in Philly

Communicating with the Severely Autistic
(Voice of America, Feb 20 2007)

This site has an article and a downloadable audio file of a story on autism featuring the Strange Son story. It includes interviews with both Portia and Soma. Check it out.

One correction: Dov was born 14 years ago, not 12 and he is Portia's second child (not her first)

Books explore the spectrum
(USA Today, Feb 18 2007)

Experts estimate that one out of every 150 children is somewhere on the autism spectrum. Some autistic people are so disabled they can't live independently. Others publish books, marry and appear on TV. Yet they are all considered autistic. How is this possible? USA TODAY critic Deirdre Donahue examines five new books that deal with this bewildering disorder...

Shattering the Shell: Autism Breakthrough?
(Jewish Exponent, Feb 15 2007)

It was, Malaysian Curly Weave Portia Iversen suggests, as if someone had entered her baby's room and kidnapped his mind, soul and personality, leaving only his bewildered body behind. The perpetrator? Autism...

The mother of an autistic child finds hope and help unlocking her son's "hidden mind"
(The Seattle Times, Feb 2 2007)

Imagine the daily heartbreak. Your autistic child doesn't talk or even give a clue what he thinks. You tell him you love him; he gives only a 1,000-yard stare in return. Learning is elusive, incremental at best, and doesn't seem to keep pace with the bizarre and persistent hand-flapping, rocking and droning that define him...

Written Voices

Written Voices (2007)

Nick News Website: "Dov's Story" text and video!
(Nick News website)

This is a wonderful piece on the Nick News website called "Dov's Story" and it includes a video interview with Dov who uses his LightWriter to rolex replica watches answer questions! Linda Ellerbee really came through when I told her how disappointed Dov was about not being included in the Nick News special last spring. Please write to Linda and let her know how you liked the story and that you'd love to see more stories about nonverbal kids who have autism and can tell their own stories! (linda@ldp.com) -Portia

You Can Hurry Science
(Proto, Winter 2006)

Jon Shestack remembers shouting, throwing a lamp accross the room, aurguing with his health insurer and "feeling like a victim." His wife, Portia Iversen, recalls an earlier moment: walking into the kitchen of their Los Angeles home to find their one-year-old son, Dov, staring at shadows on the floor...

Portia Iversen's Long-Awaited Book Due Out in January
(ADVANCES, Fall 2006)

STRANGE SON: TWO MOTHERS, TWO SONS, AND THE QUEST TO UNLOCK THE HIDDEN WORLD OF AUTISM is Cure Autism Now co-founder Portia Iversen’s long-awaited book. It takes the reader through the history of CAN, the revelation of her nonverbal son's personality and the implications this process had on the scientific community's understanding of autism...

Parents push for autism cure
(MSNBC, Feb 23 2005)

Portia Iverson and Jon Shestack learned their first child, Dov, had severe autism in 1995, when he was almost three years old. "I just remember sitting by his crib and just crying and crying," says Portia. "He was slipping away, every minute." Like all parents, they wanted to know what to do...

Ladies Home Journal, January 2005
(Ladies Home Journal)

"Daring To Believe In Miracles." This article features Dov, Portia, Tito and Soma.

Breaking the silence
(CBS 60 Minutes II - July116, 2003)

This is a feature done on Tito Jon, Portia and Dov are also interviewed in this piece. Below is the link to the article. The video version can be viewed in the video clips section of strangeson.com.

Good Morning America autism segment 2003

This segment on autism features Tito,swiss replica watches Soma and Dov and Cure Autism Now.

How Does the Autistic Brain Work?
(PBS: Closer to Truth)

Crammed into our craniums, the three-pound human brain may be the most complex matter Malaysian Curly Hair Bundles in the universe. And scientists are learning more about how it works by investigating how it doesn't work. A 13 year-old indian weave hair young man named Tito Mukhopadhyay may be the Rosetta stone for autism, revealing what it feels like to be autistic...

Today Show - 1999

In this segment, Portia, her family and CAN are featured. This is about a year before they meet Soma and Tito.

Portia wins Emmy Award

Portia won an Emmy Award for Malaysian Curly Hair Weave art direction on the Tracey Ullman show in 1989.